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Location: Alberta, Southeast of Taber – not irrigated

Farm – 8500 acres

Equipment for FieldSmart

  • 1895 John Deere Air Drill
  • 1820 John Deere Air Drill
  • 4830 John Deere High Clearance Sprayer
  • S670 John Deere combines

Experience – This farm has been using GPS technology in various ways for over 5 years. This is the first year they are using FieldSmart.

Farmer’s comments:

“We use it mostly for the information (Smart Data). We wanted it mostly to monitor weather conditions at spraying, because sometimes, when products don’t work that well, we wanted to know how weather impacted it. With FieldSmart, it’s just so easy. We can call up the data and it’s right there on our computer whenever we want it.”

“We want to monitor our cost of production. With input prices high like they are now, we need to be able to tie in all our costs and know actual numbers. It tells us a lot.”

“We have half section in variable rate this year, and I must say, really impressed, so far. We did EC and soil tests (Smart Mapping) We varied the rates of seed and fertilizer based on land and soil variation (Smart RX). We are hoping to see a 4- or 5-bushel yield advantage, and even if we don’t see that, we will likely try a section next year.”



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