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FieldSmart listens to your land through our team of FieldSmart Agronomists who are among the most highly skilled and objective listeners your land will know.

The future of FieldSmart depends on having the best crop advisors looking at your field, your data, and writing your specific prescriptions. FieldSmart is committed to the highest level of agronomic expertise, which means having FieldSmart Agronomists (Smart Scouts) on staff and available to each location. Although some FieldSmart dealers may not currently have FieldSmart Agronomists on staff, they will be recruited in the future. Most importantly, FieldSmart is committed to the profession of Agronomy.

Agrology is a growing profession that contributes to the prosperity of Canada’s agricultural industry with unbiased expertise. Agrologists provide advice and services related to agricultural and environmental science and technology. They apply scientific principles to the production, improvement, use, processing, and marketing of plants and animals, and the management of related resources.

Only individuals who have received their professional designation through an Institute of Agrology in a Canadian province can legally call themselves Professional Agrologists. Professional Agrologists, PAgs, work to address issues in an objective, competent, and ethical manner providing information based on science and economics within their area of expertise.

Smart Scouts commit to continuing professional development and constantly seek to improve their skills and knowledge while maintaining a standard of integrity, fairness, and competence. Through professional and technical meetings, conferences, scientific publications, newsletters and tours, our Smart Scouts are able to keep on top of the latest industry issues and advances. Competent service is the hallmark of this profession with enhanced credibility and trust with the public and bound by a professional Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice.

When your FieldSmart Agronomist walks your field, they know exactly what to look for and how to translate it into valuable, unbiased advice for you. Through your crop history and an in-field investigation, your FieldSmart Agronomist will help determine how to unlock the potential of your land using the FieldSmart program.




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