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Over the past 4 months all the employees for Enns Brothers of Manitoba, Western Sales of Saskatchewan and Western Tractor of Alberta participated in FieldSmart™ School. Over 500 staff in total attended 17 sessions in 6 different locations.

The purpose of the training was to allow each staff member to gain a better understanding of the importance of FieldSmart™ to farmers, to their dealership and most importantly, to agriculture.

“Precision Agriculture is where farming is going and we want to be there with our customers, on the leading edge,” said Steven Dyck, President of Western Tractor.   Ray Bouchard, VP Of Ag for Enns Brothers said “We will not blink. FieldSmart™ is a part of who we are now and in future. Our customers are demanding it from us.”

Even though relatively new, the three John Deere dealers involved in FieldSmart have hired 15 staff fully dedicated to FieldSmart™ and are looking to hire more.

“FieldSmart™ is a department just like service and parts is now,” said Carl Perrson, VP of operations for Western Sales. “We will integrate FieldSmart™ into everything we do and it will become an integral part of what we offer because it will become integral to our customers in future, just like it has with several of our customers already.”


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