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Location: Alberta, East of Taber – some irrigation, mostly dryland

Farm – 14,500 acres

Equipment for FieldSmart

  • 1895 John Deere Air Disc Drill
  • 1835 John Deere Air Hoe Drill
  • 4930 John Deere High Clearance Sprayer
  • 9770 John Deere combines

Experience – Smart Data is used on all 14,500 acres.  Smart Mapping and Smart Rx are used on 3000 acres of cereals in 2012.

Farmer’s comments:

“I sat down with my agronomist (FieldSmart Crop Advisor) and we planned out what we wanted for yields in the low, medium, and high sports. We did EC mapping (Smart Mapping) and looked at those to plan it out. We made 5 zones in a section and planned it from there.”

“We decided to target 90 bushels of wheat in the low spots, 50 in the medium and 80 in the high. We put on 200 lbs of fertilizer and 120 lbs of seed in the areas we wanted 90 bushels and varied the rates in the other spots (Smart Rx).”

“I find the data system (Smart Data) to be very good. Everything is on a data card that we plug into our units. We have a modem in the truck so we can monitor everything.”

“Young people really get it. It interests them and I think it makes them more interested in the farm.”


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