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RTK is the most accurate GPS correction delivering ultimate confidence to precision agriculture operations.

The RTK satellite navigation system leads the way for agriculture equipment and implement positioning. Using of dual frequency mobile receivers and radio transmitters, RTK provides differential signal correction that is accurate within an inch, in all directions.

RTK can be used in every facet of a precision agriculture operation from seeding to harvest.

The RTK system provides a more accurate and constant signal. The need for increased, repeatable positioning accuracy, specifically for automatic guidance and machine automation applications, drives the need for the RTK system.

A base station is placed over a known geographical point allowing multiple roving GPS receivers to utilize corrections within a limited range. As the base station continually collects static position information under local environmental conditions, the positioning errors are computed at the base station and transmitted to the rover receiver through short-range radio or other communication devices.

RTK is recommended for customers requiring the highest levels of accuracy for crop establishment, treatment, and harvesting applications, and this fits into the FieldSmart system very well.


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