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FieldSmart is a comprehensive program designed to deliver ultimate support for farmers practicing precision agriculture. By using unparalleled data management, precise field zoning, unbiased crop input prescriptions, and crop scouting by FieldSmart Agronomists, FieldSmart provides hands-on tools to unlock the potential of your land.

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Your land speaks through its crop history. Smart Data is the most advanced program for collecting, storing, and accessing the information from your land. It turns data into usable information for better decisions and is the backbone for the most comprehensive information management platform that exists. Smart Data seamlessly links the information from your field to the technology of your equipment with the most accurate, advanced, and comprehensive wireless transfer system available, providing you all the tools you will require to unlock your land’s potential.

  • At seeding, record precise seed and fertility rates to exact elevation, time, and place
  • At spraying, record the product rate to exact time and place
  • At harvesting, record your yields and moisture as you go, “by the foot!”
  • Have your records stored on the FieldSmart server for easy and instant access for you and your Agronomist
  • Use our highly user-friendly, interactive, password protected website to access your files and data
  • Secure storage ensures your information will never be lost with our daily back-up system
  • Work closely with your Agronomist in analyzing and using your information to make the best management decisions
  • Tailor-made reports are designated specially for those who need them (crop insurance, accountant, bank)
  • Prescriptions are sent directly from the server to your equipment


Your land speaks through its composition and in turn the abundance and availability of nutrients. Smart Rx is the diagnosis and treatment provided by your Agronomist designed to maximize zone-specific yield potential in every field. With Smart Rx you will receive an objective analysis of your field’s data and a prescription programmed for your equipment to deliver the highest yield potential and targeted bottom line.

  • “If you measure it you can manage it”
  • Based on your specific objectives, your Agronomist analyzes data from Smart Data and Smart Zoning
  • All analysis is unbiased and not influenced by a requirement for specific crop input product sales
  • Analysis is based on complete information which is only possible through FieldSmart
  • From the analysis, your Agronomist writes a treatment prescription that is exactly what your field and crop require to maximize your productivity
  • The prescription is sent directly to your equipment in the easiest and most efficient process possible
  • Your crop will get exactly what it needs where it needs it and will reach yield potential
  • You won’t apply products that aren’t needed
  • Your input dollars will meet maximum value


Your land speaks through its soil profile and structure. Understanding the varying characteristics of your soil enables you to maximize your land’s potential. Smart Zoning uses electro-conductivity to determine the water and nutrient holding capabilities of your soil.

  • Determines water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Designates field zones for accurate soil testing
  • Identifies potential areas in need of improved irrigation and drainage management
  • Provides in-depth detail about organic matter, macro and micro nutrient concentrations and availability, pH, cation exchange capacity, and percent based saturations
  • Differentiates soil properties that potentially influence crop production
  • Visually corresponds to patterns on yield maps and can help explain yield variations
  • With help from a Smart Scout, determine yield potential and plan actions to make better decisions


Your land speaks through your actively growing crops, FieldSmart listens through our team of Professional Agronomists. These Smart Scouts are the most highly skilled and objective listeners your land will know. When your Smart Scout walks your field, they know exactly what to look for and how to translate it into valuable, unbiased advice for you. Through your crop history and an in-field investigation, your Smart Scout will give you unbiased solutions.

  • Smart Scouts will access Smart Data for other pertinent and related information
  • Smart Scouts will look at past inputs, crop rotations, and pest history of each field

In your field, Smart Scouts investigate:

  • Plant health:
    • Look for nutrition deficiencies
    • Measure plant stand
    • Gauge overall crop vigour
  • Pest populations:
    • Hunt for insects, diseases, and weeds
    • Measure threshold levels
    • Diagnose if additional treatment is required
  • Anomalies:
    • Mark the suspect areas
    • Assess whether resistance potential exists
  • Smart Scouts will determine if treatment is required
  • If required, Smart Scouts will recommend specific in-crop treatments, timing, and application methods
  • Smart Scouts will visit crop after treatment to assess results


Location: Alberta, Southeast of Taber – not irrigated Farm – 8500 acres Equipment for FieldSmart 1895 John Deere Air Drill 1820 John Deere Air Drill 4830 John Deere High Clearance Sprayer S670 John Deere combines Experience – This farm has been using GPS technology in various ways for over 5…

Location: Alberta, East of Taber – some irrigation, mostly dryland Farm – 14,500 acres Equipment for FieldSmart 1895 John Deere Air Disc Drill 1835 John Deere Air Hoe Drill 4930 John Deere High Clearance Sprayer 9770 John Deere combines Experience – Smart Data is used on all 14,500 acres.  Smart…


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